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Situated on the escarpment, this new-build home is infused with natural light and surrounded by wooded views. The selection and design began at the start of the construction process beginning with the exterior finishes and functions then working into the interior. 


The design approach is a modern take on classic style. Attention to architecture and strategically placed textural finishes gives warmth and character to the cool palette the homeowners gravitate towards. Art, furnishings and each accessory was carefully curated to complete the home.


The owners of this 1920's Tudor Gothic Revival near the Fox River have taken close care to ensure that the character of this home was not lost through the years. Following suite, we designed a kitchen that hit the mark for both the homeowners and the history of this home.


Warm whites, brass and details that pay homage to the Gothic period were tastefully combined to create a modern-day palette. 


This guest room gives a warm welcome to its visitors. The wall covering set the tone for rest and relaxation. A modern play on earthy colors; we layered this room with texture and added a punch with an abstract floral that pulls in cobalts, evergreen tones and a touch of pink. A unique wood sculpture breaks the clean lines with it's organic shape. Are you ready to cozy down?